Voted Top Antique Store by 5280 Magazine Readers in the Denver Metro Area

Found Antique & Artisan Mall opened in May of 2016 with it's goal to be a little bit different.  We didn't want to be just another antique mall. We wanted to blend a unique shopping experience under one roof....where you can find a one of a kind treasures from years past or a creation from a local or national artist. A little of the old, a little of the new, and a little of the repurposed.  We set out to create a place where one can hunt and find that special piece.

The Back Story:  The co-owners, Amy and John both lead corporate careers before creating the Found Brand.  Amy and John with clear vision just dove into the business. It was a natural fit for both of them and luck was on their side when they stumbled upon an amazing historic building in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. The building had started as a farm house, was added on in the 1960's to create a design center, eventually turned into office space for a mining company and now houses the many vendors and artist.  The uniqueness of the building lends itself to many discoveries.  Rooms are tucked around corners, a huge atrium opens to the second floor and grand crystal chandeliers adorn the atrium and circular staircases.  Found has used the space brilliantly.  You can find forty globes orbiting one of the chandeliers, card board deer greeting you and lots of surprise artisan touches through out. Sometimes our biggest issue is making sure people tag us in all the selfies that are taken throughout the building.

Amy recalls when the passion began.   ”When we used to go shopping, hunting for things, I was always hoping to discover something unique. That’s the atmosphere I wanted to create in our mall.   It's fun to see a real cool antique piece next to a one of a kind artisan piece. There aren’t a lot of outlets for the artisan and combining them with antiques creates a lot of energy.”

“It is addictive,” she continues, “when you go out and find that special thing. It is all about the HUNT!   That’s what we want customers to feel at Found."  The mall is uncluttered, beautifully decorated and one room flows into another, leading the customers on an enjoyable treasure hunt.
We wanted quality dealers, and that’s what we have. A lot of artisans rent from us, it’s very eclectic. It’s good for them whether they are a full time artist, a stay at home mom, or retired person, they can just rent space and they have a shop daily. It’s really exciting and it gives a better experience for the customer to have so much to choose from without being overwhelmed. People underestimate the size of Found. They come in and are pleasantly surprised by all it has to offer.

Amy and John’s goal is to open additional stores under the Found name. Their vision is to bring together more one-of-a-kind cool antiques and one-of-a-kind artisan pieces, where you can find both in one place. Amy is proud with what she and John have accomplished at Found and they should be because they have accomplished a lot. Found gives artisans an outlet for their creativity and customers feel they can find something special in each room and that’s good for all the dealers.

Amy tells the story about a tugboat light in the front of the store from the 1940's which she found in Wisconsin on the way home from a family trip. When she got home and plugged it in she was pleasantly surprised that the light bulb in it was a "Popeye" figured bulb.  Discovering something special is always a thrill for anyone.

John talks about his find in Tennessee.  The front end of a Mercury Eight that was salvaged from the back woods, it's headlights rewired to work again, and especially fun, the original hood ornament.  This isn't a piece that's right for the average person, but put in in a bar, restaurant, man cave or vintage garage and it's a statement piece.

John and Amy reside in the first home built in the Montclair neighborhood of Denver, vintage 1894.  They have four amazing children in Heather, Tyler, Kohl and Wyatt and of course their beloved "Rocket", their frenchie who is spoiled rotten.  Both LOVE the hunt for that special piece and are constantly adding to the store.