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Limited edition hand cast pewter "Christmas" series plates by Michael Anthony Ricker

Michael Ricker (1940-2006) was a celebrated and accomplished Colorado based artist and sculptor for more than four decades.  His work has been treasured by hundreds of thousands of collectors as well as dozens of prominent figures and celebrities including former Presidents, athletes, actors and entertainers.  In 1975, Michael began working on the masterpiece that will forever leave his mark as one of the most talented and proficient American artists of all time.   Park City, a 30 foot by 10 foot miniature town depicting life at the turn of the 19th century, was completed in 1986 and presented to former President Gerald Ford.  Ford graciously accepted the "key" to Park City and promised a home for the masterpiece in the Smithsonian Institute.

Each piece sold separately and comes with a certificate of Casting

1979 - Plate # 825 of 2000

1980 - Plate # 825 of 5000

1981 - Plate # 825 of 5000

1982 - Plate # 825 of 5500

1983 - Plate # 825 of 4800

1984 - Plate # 825 of 3650


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