Door Mezusah

These door mezuzah are a contemporary interpretation of a traditional Jewish scroll casing. Each design incorporates the letter Shin which is part of God's name.  The scroll inside provides a blessing for the home and it's occupants.  In Deuteronomy, God commands the verse be affixed to the door post.

Mezuzot can go on any and all doorways except kitchen, bathroom and store room and should be placed on the right side of the door jamb, either vertically or with the top tilted toward the inside of the house.

The whimsical mezuzah both continues and reinterprets the tradition, bringing into your home a blessing that protected the ancestors, and can be passed onto your children.

Made in pewter, they make wonderful housewarming gifts or blessings for the home.  Generally measure about 4.5 inches x 1 inch.

- The Olive Branch mezuzah features an olive branch, the symbol of peace and renewed hope, and the Hebrew word "shalom," meaning "peace.

- The Tree of Life mezuzah features a graceful tree of life, which, itself embodies the Shin, that must appear on a Mezuzah case

- The couple mezuzah represents making a life with your partner inside your faith

- The Heart Mezuzah speaks to love of faith and family

- The songbird mezuzah is singing the song of God, as represented by the two Shins floating above its beak

- The flower Mezuzah has a joyfulness that speaks to faith continually renewed, mirrored by the cycling of the seasons


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