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4 Section Macey 911 Barrister Bookcase

This barrister bookcase by The Macey Company, dates back to the late 1920s or 1930s. Features four stacked wood sections with retractable wood framed wavy glass doors. The doors are accented with metal knobs and a metal band details the edge of each wood unit. The interior back panel of the wood sections are marked “Macey 911" and all match.  Includes both the top and base.   All of the wooden components can be separated for transport.

In 1896, Fred Macey founded the Macey Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as a mail-order business, soon developing a reputation for quality office furniture. After Fred’s death in 1909, the company filed for bankruptcy twice before eventually shuttering for good in 1940.

Dimensions are 34" wide x 12" deep by 62" tall.

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